About Us

Abtin has been in the jewellery business for almost two decades and is the founder of Abtin and Company. He started off by working with his father during his teenage. With the passing years, he not only gained experience but also had a great eye in knowing the ongoing trend. Abtin leads his company in manufacturing items that are fashion statement as well as a piece of art. This is because he strongly believes that in order to be successful in jewellery business; one must have professional and artistic eyes which recognize the beauty of each piece individually and according to the culture they are accustomed to. The jewellery crafted should suit different people, cultures and age. It shouldn’t be restricted to only a specific group of people.

With the success of one setup, Abtin launched his second branch of Abtin and Co. in 2010 in Los Angeles. Since then he devoted most of his time in collecting most fashionable and artistic pieces.

Make a visit at Abtin and Co. and you will realize that the place is studded with finest chunks of jewellery of top most quality. All the items are designed and manufactured in USA under the supervision of best team consisting of extraordinary talented. It is purely an American brand with affordable prices.

The base of all the items is 14k gold which is available in three colours; yellow, rose and white gold. Moreover, the best quality of handpicked whitest and most cleaned diamonds are used.

The aim of Abtin and Co. is to present its customers latest, finest and most chic pieces of jewellery at affordable prices. And we cannot achieve this goal without the help of our amazing team for sure.

Jewellery by Abtin and Co. is surely a piece that adds to your Glow!

Truly yours,

Abtin Zak.