14K Gold Aquamarine Stacking Ring/14K Gold Color-Stone Stacking Band GGDB-122W-AQF,  Color Stones, Color Stones, Belarino

14K Gold Aquamarine Bezel-set Stacking Ring Color-Stone Stacking Band

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Fashioned from lustrous 14K white gold, this exquisitely crafted ring boasts a series of captivating bezel-set blue sapphire gemstones, encircling three-quarters of its circumference. Whether worn as a standalone piece or paired with her wedding bands, its allure is undeniable, elevating any ensemble with its timeless elegance. Representing March's birthstone, the aquamarine carries a rich history steeped in regal symbolism, further enhancing the wearer's prestige and grace. Aquamarine is a stone of harmony, stability, and regulation for the mind, emotions, and physique. 

Key Points: 

  1. SKU Number: ABB-122-AQF
  2. Aquamarine Sapphire weight: 0.58 ct.
  3. Crafted in 14K White Gold.


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